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Overview of our Design / Build process. Here

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Here is an example quote for a typical bathroom project where the bathroom gets totally reconfigured. This scope of work could be different than yours would be of course. The point is to show you how my quotes look and what they mean before we discuss the specifics of your particular project. 

Please don't focus on these specific dollar amounts, just the format. 

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A document is created that shows exactly how all of the pieces and parts are to be installed, showing dimensions and other details. See the attached "Construction Document Layout example".

See Construction Document example here.

This happens at end result of the Design process once all of the Fixtures & Finishes have been selected. 

See Fixtures & Finishes example here. 

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Here is a link where you can book a paid consult for $250 if you want the process, but are not ready to sign a contract for the whole project. They will give you all their best idea at that time. Or, you can book a quick in-person meet & greet at the studio, or over the phone. 

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You can check out their website at

1503 Independence Ave SE, Washington, DC 20003

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