About Sundance Contracting

Dan BenjaminSundance Contracting LLC was founded in 2005 by Dan Benjamin. He was the lead Dispute Resolution specialist (mediator) on staff at the DC Better Business Bureau and has recently completed his course work for his Master's degree at George Mason University's Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution. Dan has been a mediator for the state of Georgia since 2000 and in Virginia since 2001. After working for the BBB, Dan was a commercial construction inspector. Later in his career he oversaw the projection of nearly 500 condominiums on two different projects for Engle Homes of Virginia. Dan has lived on Capitol Hill with his wife Lisa and their two dogs since 2000.

Dan and Sundance Contracting volunteer locally for:
Capitol Hill Village
Hill Hounds
Congressional Cemetery
DC Office of the Clean City

Sundance Contracting is actively working to bring more and more Green building solutions, and accommodating its aging clients and their needs:
City RenewedLive GreenGreen Living Consulting

Roof Top Solar panels for DC Row Houses:  Capitol Hill Energy Coop
How to purchase Green electricity through Pepco:  Clean Currents
We are working to make our city cleaner:  DC Office of the Clean City

Aging in place: AIPC  and  Senior Resource
Modifying your house to increase livability for aging homeowners:
Universal Design
A non-profit helping residents stay in their homes as the grow older:
Capitol Hill Village

Sundance Home Renovtions